From the Chief


It is truly an honor and a privilege to lead the Hillside Police Department as the Chief of Police. My philosophy as Chief is to put the safety and well-being of our community first; in recognition that it is the residents and businesses of the Township of Hillside that gives our department its vital purpose. It is of great importance to me that our police department is viewed as a partner of our community. We are here to be responsive to your issues, provide gold standard police protection, and assist in any way we can. A primary goal of ours is to always find new ways to improve the quality of life in Hillside.

More specific to our police department, I look to continually improve our efficiency and effectiveness through a commitment to excellence, optimizing officer resources, using technology to its fullest potential, and much more. For example, in March of 2022 we achieved police department accreditation through the New Jersey State Association of Chiefs of Police for the first time in the department’s history to ensure compliance with best practices and national policing standards, implemented the use of body cameras to increase officer safety and transparency to the public, and we’ve made common sense organizational and tactical changes to the way we police with consideration to trending issues happening across our state and country.

In 2018, I devised a new motto that describes the high moral standards the Hillside Police Department expects of its sworn officers. Utilizing the acronym of our department, H.P.D., the three words we live by are: “Honor, Professionalism, Dedication.” I say, without reservation, that we have one of the finest police departments, not only in New Jersey, but in the nation. The men and women of the Hillside Police Department are among the most effective anywhere, yet they are very approachable and community oriented. Each takes full ownership of their responsibility to look after everyone within each and every square inch of Hillside.

Just as I encourage our officers to cordially and routinely engage with our community, I also encourage our residents and business owners to feel free to call upon us whenever there’s something we may be able to help with.

- Chief Vincent P. Ricciardi, Jr.

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