How do I obtain a copy of a police report?

Come to the Records Division of the Police Department. We are located at the main entrance.

Note: By law, certain police records are not considered public records. The Hillside Police Department may redact parts of reports or deny records to comply with N.J.S.A. 47:1A-1, et seq.

Records Division Hours of operations: Monday to Friday 11am to 4pm (Tuesday until 5:15pm)

Reports are usually ready in 3 business days.

Fee Schedule:  
Police Reports- (in person) Pages 1-10 $0.75 per page
  Pages 11-20 $0.50 per page
  Pages 21+ $0.25 per page
Fingerprint Cards $10 per card
Case Discovery $30 per case
Photographs 8x10 B&W- $10 each
  8x10 color- $20 each
  4x6 color- $5 each
Research of Records Hand search or computer search of case over 3 years old- $30 plus copy fees
Communication Tape $25
Copy of Video Tape $25
Firearms Permit $20 each


How do I pay a ticket? Contact the Hillside Municipal Court at (973) 926-1881 or you may pay online.

When is the Municipal Court open? Business hours of operation are: Monday – Friday 8:30am – 4:00pm .

 My car was impounded ,how do I get it back? You must bring proof of vehicle ownership and insurance to the Hillside Police Department. Only the owner or person with a notarized letter from the owner authorizing you to act as their agent will receive a "Vehicle Release" form and directions to the towing service. You will not have to pay any fee to the Hillside Police Department for this. In most cases, you will be required to pay towing and storage fees to the towing service. Personal identification is required. You will not be permitted to remove items from your car without a release.

How can I bail someone out of jail? During normal business hours contact the Hillside Municipal Court at (973) 926-1881 After normal business hours and during nights, weekends and holidays contact the Hillside Police Desk Officer at 973-926-5800 to determine the bail amount. In most cases, you must post cash bail in person at the Hillside Police Department. Personal checks are NOT accepted. Be sure to bring proper identification when you post bail. If you are unable to post the bail amount, you may wish to contact a licensed bail bond Agency. There are several licensed bail bond agencies listed in the Yellow Pages. The Hillside Police Department does not recommend any particular agency.

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